Great shopping finds revealed in
Revitalized Tutuban Center

The center recently underwent a number of renovational work and building improvements. With the holiday season coming, shoppers will make a beeline for the great deals in Tutuban Center’s Main Station and Prime Block.

The heritage building is where the old train station was built
Steps were taken to preserve its history including repainting based on the heritage color palette
Bonifacio Shrine across Tutuban Center Main Station’s Entrance
The Prime Block offers a shopper’s dream of choices, while seeing to their comfort and security. Clothes for every occasion, the latest RTW, even costumes and sleepwear are organized. Footwear, bags and fashion accessories are there to match the outfit of the day. Fabrics, patches, beads and other trimmings are available for people who prefer DIY fashion projects.
Entrepreneurs and small business owners will find their supplies of cosmetics, personal care, grooming kits, spa and salon supplies available here. General merchandise stores offer an array of home and personal items ranging from hardware and cookware, to school supplies and bath accessories. Houseware, linens and curtains also abound.
The new and more spacious food court will soon offer some of Divisoria and Binondo’s best food brands like El Presidente, Kikiam in Ilaya, King’s Bakeshop and Eng Ho. Refreshing drinks and snacks from several food carts are also available. Picnic tables cancomfortably seat shoppers taking a break.